Playtime/Playground support led by Therese Hoyle

Therese HoylePlaytime/Playground Consultant

Thérèse Hoyle supports primary schools to dramatically improve the quality of day-to-day play times and lunchtimes, with a consequent beneficial impact on lunchtime behaviour, engagement, learning, social, emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing.  She is recognised as the UK’s leading training provider of playtime and lunchtime programmes with her How to Be a Lunchtime Supervisor Superhero workshops, Positive Playtime Masterclass, the Positive Playtime Online Academy and the Positive Playtime Award Programme.

Thérèse has over 25 years’ teaching experience in mainstream, special and higher education. She is the founder and Head Facilitator of Therese Hoyle Consultancies. Since 1996 Therese has worked nationally and internationally with over 495 schools and organisations and with more than 15,400 individuals inspiring them with Positive Playtime, Circle Time, Coaching Circles, Positive Parenting, Positive Behaviour Management, Emotional Literacy and Leadership Coaching programmes.  She is author of 101 Playground Games 2nd edition, 101 Wet Playtime Games, How to be a Peaceful School (Contributing author) and The Big Book of Whole School Wellbeing (co-editor and contributing author)  Thérèse founded the Education Wellbeing Collective in lockdown, a collaborative group of wellbeing educators championing the evolution of wellbeing in schools and their communities.  Thérèse is passionate about creating happy and harmonious school cultures.


11.6.24 PALS



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