EAL support led by The EAL Academy

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EAL learners present schools with exciting opportunities – getting it right for these learners will benefit the whole school and often in the most astonishing of ways.

We are school improvement specialists with a focus on the language of the classroom and subject-specific literacy. We work with teachers, schools, school groups and local authorities to help pupils and students achieve and enable schools to flourish.

Our team of EAL consultants, trainers and serving teachers has trained and worked in classrooms with thousands of teachers in hundreds of schools in over 30 countries across four continents.

“Thank you so much. The staff were still buzzing this morning about the training!” Dormers Wells Infant and Junior School

5.10.23 EAL Leader network
7.11.23 Supporting new arrivals with little or no English
22.2.24 EAL Leader network
19.3.24 Supporting pupils in the early stages of acquiring english
16.5.24 EAL Leader network
18.6.24 More advanced EAL learners



30.9.24 EAL Network
26.1.25 EAL Network
28.4.25 EAL Network
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