New Partner and Affiliate Programme

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We are delighted to be launching a new and improved Partner School programme for the new academic year.

After developing a successful programme of high impact professional development courses for schools, the new Partner and Affiliate School programmes are designed to offer a cost-effective CPD solution for schools, while offering a more hands-on and bespoke support to help your school develop its CPD strategy.

Including support for schools in Art, Behaviour Management, Computing, EAL, EYFS, Emotional Literacy, Family engagement, Geography, History, Leadership, Literacy, Mathematics, More Able, Nurturing approaches, Pastoral support and SEND – click the link below to find out more:

The Learning Partnership – CPD Programme 2021-22

To become a Partner School, Affiliate School or engage in individual elements of the programme please email


ECT Support programme 2021-22

Working with partners who lead elements within our full Partner School programme, we have drawn together a suite of CPD support for ECT colleagues. Aimed at complementing and enhancing the support they may have received in their  ITT or equivalent.

Partner Schools can engage in the full programme for £500.00  or £50 .00 per person per session on any element of their choice (up to 2 colleagues per session)

Affiliate Schools can engage in the full programme for £700.00 or £70.00  per person per session on any element of their choice (1 colleague per session only)

Non member schools can engage in the full programme for £800.00 or £80.00 per person per session on any element of their choice  (1 colleague per session only) 

More About The Partner School Programme

Becoming a Partner School of the Learning Partnership not only gives schools free and unlimited access to our online CPD courses throughout the year, it also provides schools with more hands-on support and guidance from our consultants to help develop your CPD strategy.

The Learning Partnership will meet with your school on a termly basis to help guide and develop your CPD strategy, in line with your school development plan. It will also give you exclusive access to our school-to-school support network, and the opportunity to shape, present and attend our Partner School Webinar programme – aiming to facilitate meaningful collaboration and sharing of best practice among our member schools.

And, best of all, this will all come at a simple and easy to understand fixed annual cost.

Alongside this, we will also be offering an Affiliate School programme – a slimmed down and flexible version of the Partner School offer which offers discounted access to our CPD courses as well as access to many of the Partner benefits.

Of course, schools and teachers will also be able to book onto individual courses as they have previously done so as well.


Individual teachers who work outside school employment e.g. supply staff, can also join the Partner School CPD suite. This is charged at £50.00 per year per person.

We can also offer individual teachers whose schools have chosen not to subscribe, but wish to engage themselves, access to the CPD programme within the Partner School offer for £100.00 per year.

Other benefits of Partner School status (CPD strategy discussions, Mary Myatt conference attendance, Myatt and Co subscription, Paul Carney book and STARS Well-being programme)  are not open to individual members.


We have teamed up with to support your Subject Leaders in 2021-22

Our Subject Leader network programme including support for Art, Computing, EAL, EYFS, Family Engagement, Geography, History, Leadership, Maths, More able, Nurture, Pastoral and SEND is now complemented by discounted access to

For each primary subject, Subject Leaders publish timely, brief, easily-digestible, fully-sourced articles, covering essential news, diary events, funding and CPD opportunities. They put them all in one place ready for you to read, digest and action, giving you more time and space to focus on the important job of leading your subject.​ Subscribe as an individual or a Partner School to receive your 10% discount to Subject Leaders.

Schools who click through to our site from the Myatt & Co newsletter can now access a suite of live online professional development working with some of the contributors to Myatt & Co via the Learning Partnership – When booking your places, use the code ‘LP2021’ in the special requirements field. CPD will be accessed at our Affiliate School rates across the programme. (Ends 31st December 2021)


Rob Gooding, CEO Rutland Learning Trust (Partner Schools 2021-22): “Underpinning this partnership is an ethos, culture and values which align to that of the trust! Integrity and relentless vision and commitment for sustainable system wide improvement ” 8th June 2021

Mary Myatt: “I’ve always had enormous respect for Iain’s work. I am delighted to see this programme up and running and delighted to play a part in it as well.  I value and rate the Learning Partnership’s work highly.”     8th June 2021