Partner School Programme

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Our 2024-25 Partner School programme is now developing. 

We are delighted to share it includes national online leader networks and CPD programmes in Art, Behaviour, Computing, Drama, DT, EAL, English, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, EYFS, Family engagement, Geography, Governance, History, Leadership, Mathematics, MFL, Nurture, Pastoral, Playtimes, PSHE, Science, SEND and SEND & reading.

We will also be releasing a School Improvement offer to include appraisals, reviews and coaching. More to follow on this. 

Find out more about our delivery partner team here:

During 2023-24, we welcomed over 140 schools as Partners.

Our programme of high impact professional development courses for schools via the Partner School programmes, is designed to offer a cost-effective CPD solution for schools, while offering a more hands-on and bespoke support to help your school develop its CPD strategy.

Subscription for the academic year 2024-25 is set at £4.00+VAT per pupil on roll. (Subscription is capped at £2000.00+VAT)

Partner Schools from 2023-24 will receive subscription to the Learning Partnership at £3.50+VAT per pupil.

For MATs who wish to join, please contact Iain Simper ( for more information on subscription rates.
Smaller schools (those with fewer than 100 pupils on roll, are charged £3.00+VAT to join)
Complete the form linked below to join the Learning Partnership.


You can explore our individual elements via these links:

Art led by Paul Carney
Art led by Adele Darlington
Behaviour led by Jogo Behaviour
Computing led by John Jefferies
Design and Technology led by Jane Ryder
Drama led by Patrice Baldwin
EAL led by EAL Academy
English led by Andy Hawes
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion led by Dr Jo Trevenna
EYFS led by Early Excellence & Dr Sue Allingham
Family engagement led by Cafes for All
Geography led by Salix Education
Governors and Governance led by #TeamADL
History led by Andrew Wrenn
History led by Stuart Tiffany
Leadership led by Everyday Leader & Enhancing Learning Ltd
Mathematics led by Liz Gibbs
Modern Foreign Languages led by the Primary Languages Network
Nurturing approaches led by Jeni Barnacle
Pastoral care led by Steve Russell
Playtimes and lunchtimes led by Therese Hoyle
PSHE led by PSHE Solutions
Science led by Jane Banham
SEND led by Team Adl
SEND & Reading led by Dr Sarah Moseley



TeacherTapp survey data shows 93 per cent of teachers believe CPD would make them better teachers.

Academic research reveals 35 hours of high-quality CPD a year is almost as impactful as placing a teacher with 10 years’ experience in front of students, according to the Education Policy Institute and Ambition Institute.

“As a school the Learning Partnership has been fabulous in supporting our subject leaders. I have valued the helpful and supportive forums for Head Teachers that run across the year.” Headteacher, Partner School 

“Joining the Learning Partnership has enabled our group of 27 schools to engage in high quality CPD led by excellent educational consultants. Although we only recently joined, our schools have already reported a positive impact on all areas of school improvement including curriculum design and leadership.” Headteacher, Partner MAT

“The courses are relevant, current, very well presented and are timed to minimise disruption to the school day.” Headteacher, Partner School 

“The huge variety of courses on offer means that there is something for all of our schools irrespective of school improvement focus.” Headteacher, Partner School 

“Geography has been excellent, it’s very much a 2-way process and we can contribute to the sessions.” Subject Leader, Partner School
“The courses are very efficient and resources are sent promptly. We’re able to ask the trainers what questions we would like to be answered at the start of sessions, so the trainers can try and answer these throughout.” Subject Leader, Partner School 
“The trainers are very well informed in their subject matter.” Subject Leader, Partner School 
“Clear and concise information. Each training focuses on a unit in History. Helps support my subject knowledge.” History Subject leader, Partner School

More About The Partner School Programme

Becoming a Partner School of the Learning Partnership not only gives schools free and unlimited access to our online CPD courses throughout the year, it also provides schools with more hands-on support and guidance from our consultants to help develop your CPD strategy.

The Learning Partnership will meet with your school on a termly basis to help guide and develop your CPD strategy, in line with your school development plan. It will also give you exclusive access to our school-to-school support network, and the opportunity to shape, present and attend our Partner School Webinar programme – aiming to facilitate meaningful collaboration and sharing of best practice among our member schools.

And, best of all, this will all come at a simple and easy to understand fixed annual cost.

Of course, schools and teachers will also be able to book onto individual courses as they have previously done so.


Individual teachers e.g. supply staff, can also join the Partner School CPD suite. This is charged from 1st September 2024 at £75+VAT per person

We can also offer individual teachers whose schools have chosen not to subscribe, but wish to engage themselves, access to the CPD programme within the Partner School offer from 1st September 2024 at £75+VAT per person