Pastoral support led by Steve Russell

Beyond BehaviourPastoral and behaviour Consultant

There has perhaps never been a greater demand placed upon schools in relation to pastoral care than that which exists now. Attachment-related needs, emotionally-based school avoidance, low self-esteem are just a few areas that schools can feel like they are wrestling with, with colleagues sometimes feeling they are being more of a psychologist or counsellor than an educator! This is where Steve comes in. His courses blend his extensive understanding of psychology with over thirty years experience in schools and support services. Participants frequently speak of how they feel empowered, encouraged and enthused, with clear ideas to take back into their settings.  Alongside the CPD, Steve is also highly skilled at creating reflective safe spaces for pastoral practitioners to be able to off-load and gain a ‘super-vision’ of tricky situations they are dealing with. The emotional labour involved in pastoral care is so very real, often taking its toll, sadly, on staff – and the pastoral leaders’ network aims to provide much needed support. ’

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