Art support led by Paul Carney

Paul CarneyArt & Design Consultant

Paul Carney is a nationally recognised art & design consultant having delivered specialist art CPD in schools, colleges, galleries, and Universities across the UK and for the UK’s leading training providers; including the National College, Kapow Education, Access Art, NSEAD, Mary Myatt and Osiris Education.

Paul is a published author of two books: Drawing for Science, Invention and Discovery and his latest book Drawing to learn anything. He is also a practicing professional artist and designer. Paul runs his highly successful art website: that provides high quality teaching resources and advice to teachers around the world. He has over twenty years teaching experience at Primary, Secondary and post-16 levels of education, is an Advanced Skills Teacher, ex-Subject Leader for Art and was a member of the DfE Expert Advisory Group for Art and Design.

In addition to this he was a member of the NSEAD Curriculum Writing Group that wrote the ‘Framework for Progression, Planning for Learning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting 2014.’


26.9.23 Art Leader network
3.10.23 Preparing for Ofsted deep dives in art & design
7.11.23 Art Leader network
14.11.23 Assessing art with confidence in the busy classroom KS1
23.1.24 Making meaningful, manageable progress in art
6.2.24 Art Leader network
7.3.24 Assessing art with confidence in the busy classroom KS2
19.3.24 Art Leader network
25.4.24 Simply sketchbooks
7.5.24 Art Leader network
21.5.24 Assessing art with confidence in the busy classroom KS3
11.6.24 Art Leader network
18.6.24 Drawing and mark making
11.7.24 Primary Painting

The Learning Partnership offers consultancy support for Art led by Paul as follows:

1. Art & Design health-check service

Art and Design is an enormously complex and difficult subject to teach, often requiring specialist help and support. Our expert art consultant Paul Carney can do a health-check audit of your current art provision to ensure your school is either on the right track or to enable you to put effective plans in place. The health check will take the form of an audit of your art planning, resources, delivery, staff training, etc. followed by a 2-hour online meeting with key stakeholders and a final report of recommendations.

This will ensure you have taken all the necessary steps you can to teach art well and give your children the best start in art and design you can.

  1. You would complete a quick audit document we will send in advance.
  2. Paul will study any planning and current resources you have in place, to evaluate your current provision.
  3. Paul will arrange an online meeting with your subject lead and/or senior leaders to discuss your art provision.
  4. We will write a report of the findings which will include recommendations for how the subject could move forward.

​£460.00 per school
£400.00 per Partner School



2. Art & Design Curriculum planning service

Planning exciting interesting art lessons that are properly sequenced and embedded into your topics or themes takes real expertise. With Paul Carney to help, you can take all the difficulty out of this. Paul can work alongside your teachers to discuss your children’s unique needs to plan engaging lesson ideas that are knowledge-rich and creative.

This service usually takes at least one hour per classroom teacher /year group and will result in 3 ideas for units of work per year – autumn, spring, and summer. The stages of each unit of work would be fleshed out and discussed so the teacher can write it up in the school’s own format later.

Comprising a full day equivalent (Six one-hour sessions) These sessions can be done via Zoom interviews online and Paul would only need your long-term plan of topic overviews.

£575.00 per school
£500.00 per Partner School

Visit Paul's website for more information