Mathematics support led by Liz Gibbs

Liz GibbsMathematics Consultant

Liz Gibbs is an independent national and international mathematics adviser and trainer.

An accredited NCETM PD lead member of her local maths hub, Liz regularly delivers PD courses, twilights and over the last two years has been running an action based research and innovation project on behalf of the NCETM.

Liz is a published author with Cavendish publications, Cosy Direct, OUP and OUP international. She has written online content for BBC bitesize and written teacher talk film scripts for the BBC. Over the last two years, Liz has written a series of Grade 4 and Grade 5 cross curricular based film scripts for an educational film production company based in London. ’
27.9.23 Maths Leader network
16.10.23 Teaching assistant toolkit in mathematics
9.11.23 Maths Leader network
23.11.23 Maths – a 3 session programme: Session 1
16.1.24 Maths Leader network
29.1.24 Teaching multiplication for understanding and the MTC
15.2.24 Maths – a 3 session programme: Session 2
13.3.24 Maths Leader network
1.5.24 Maths Leader network
12.6.24 Maths – a 3 session programme: Session 3
13.6.24 Maths Leader network
26.6.24 Supporting SEND in mathematics
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