Andrew Wrenn is a freelance History Education consultant. He is also a Teacher Fellow and recent trustee of the Historical Association, a UK subject organisation which promotes the teaching of history cross-phrase. He is a former LA advisor for history and humanities and is an experienced teacher, trainer and writer.

16.5.23 Weaving Black British and African History into the primary curriculum
6.6.23 History Subject Leader network
27.6.23 Enquiry building in primary History


19.10.23 History Leader network
9.11.23 New to subject leadership History
22.11.23 Building schema – focused on Monarchy
17.1.24 Exploring deep dives in History
7.3.24 History Leader network
13.3.24 Assessing substantive and theoretical knowledge in History: Cause and consequence
25.4.24 History Leader network
23.5.24 Assessing substantive and theoretical knowledge in History: Change and continuity
25.5.23 History Leader network
12.6.24 Weaving local History in to your primary curriculum


Health check for schools (2 schools per term only to start in Summer term 2023)

History is an enormously complex and difficult subject to teach, often requiring specialist help and support. Our expert History consultant Andrew Wrenn can do a health-check audit of your current History provision to ensure your school is either on the right track or to enable you to put effective plans on place. The health check will take the form of an audit of your History planning, resources, delivery and staff training etc. followed by a 1-hour online meeting with key stakeholders.

This will ensure you have taken all the necessary steps you can to teach History well and give your children the best start in History you can.

1. You would complete a quick audit document we will send in advance.

2. Andrew will study any planning and current resources you have in place, to evaluate your current provision.

3. Andrew will arrange a 1 hour online meeting with your subject lead and/or senior leaders to discuss your History provision.

£550.00 per school

£500.00 per Partner School