Developing Writing for All Learners– Ways Into Writing in a Neurodiverse Classroom

  • 3rd Jun 2025
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About the Programme Leader

Dr Sarah Moseley: Sarah is a literacy and inclusion specialist focusing on empowering all learners, embracing neurodiversity and SEND. Sarah provides face to face or online training, consultancy, information and support for professionals and families from all sectors. Sarah is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives, attitudes and outcomes of those neurodiverse learners who may struggle to learn. Sarah has over 25 years’ knowledge and experience within special and mainstream education up to Headteacher level, as well as a solid research background rooted within the psychology of learning, that includes a Masters and PhD in Special Education. Sarah recently published a book on ‘Teaching Reading to All Learners’ and writes regular articles for several key industry publications. Throughout her career the one constant has been her belief in people and that everyone can succeed in the right environment, with the right support and equal access to opportunities. Sarah aims to bridge the gap between theory and learning, to create a culture where high expectations thrive, improving outcomes for all. Through the creation of inspirational learning opportunities, raising expectations, and removing barriers for all learners.

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3rd Jun 2025
12:00pm - 02:00pm
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