Attachment & Trauma

  • 24th Nov 2021
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Staff working in schools are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of attachment and trauma – and it can feel something of a bewildering area to support pupils with. They are working within an educational, not therapeutic, setting, yet it can feel that there is more of a need for the latter.

This session will explore how pastoral staff can effectively support pupils presenting with attachment related needs. Moving away from a medicalised model eg of “attachment disorders”, we will consider practical ways to help children and young people learn to trust others and develop their tolerance for closeness with others, including accepting help from them. This will include considering links with self-esteem, especially their sense of value. This information will also be able to be shared with other key adults eg teachers, support staff, to strengthen the network of support specific pupils can tap into.

About The Course

Each session will be a blend of theory and current research with proven, practical ideas to take away to support you as you support your pupils. People will also be encouraged to share ideas so that by the end of the programme, everyone will have added a range of strategies for their toolkits.

Each session will also include a short section on wellbeing to help colleagues replenish their ‘tanks’

About the Programme Leader

Steve Russell

Steve Russell has nearly 25 years of experience, ranging from classroom teaching through to behaviour support and leading a team of school improvement consultants. More recently, he has expanded beyond schools to include other organisations, as well as coaching individuals.

Whether working with youngsters, school staff, leaders, teams or providing one-to-one coaching, his aim is always the same – to empower them to effect changes that will increase their effectiveness and promote their well-being.

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24th Nov 2021
01:15pm - 04:00pm