School improvement through nurturing approaches (For SLT/Gov/Board/CEO))

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School improvement through nurturing approaches (For SLT/Gov/Board/CEO))

Why embrace Nurture principles in your MAT/School? (For SLT/Gov/Board/CEO)

This course is specifically focused for Senior Leaders, governors, boards, CEO’s to provide a strategic opportunity to

  • explore the concept of nurture

  • to share nurture principles from a leadership perspective

  • discuss the type of nurture interventions

  • how a whole school nurture approach can support school improvement.
About The Course

The session will

  • Discuss nurture principles strategically

  • Learning is understood developmentally.

  • The learning environment offers a safe base.

  • The importance of nurture for the development of self esteem

  • Language is a vital means of communication.

  • All behaviour is communication.

  • The importance of transitions in children's lives

  • Learning can be fun for everyone!

The impact of a whole school nurture approach,(using the principles) for creating a positive culture, raising aspirations and improving standards.

How nurture principles relate to Teachers Standards and can support staff development /performance management.

The personal perspective and experiences of two head teachers who embraced nurture principles as a whole school approach

About the Programme Leader

Nurturing Change -

Nurturing change is a new organisation supporting children & young people to be the best they can be. The nurturing change approach has its foundation in the six principles of nurture, and a deep belief in the power of adults to support change in the lives of children and young people.

Jeni Barnacle - Director

Jeni has a proven track record as a head teacher, including leading and managing a primary school through significant change and challenge using the nurture principles from 2002. One of the first schools nationally to do so and facilitating the transformation of a ‘failing and challenging school’ to a vibrant holistic learning environment for all the community including the innovation of a foundation unit for 3-5yr olds. The principles involve creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and positive values, though an early years approach, a rich creative curriculum with a priority on outdoors learning. The school featured on Teachers TV Happiest days programme (2007) resulting in Jeni speaking at a number of high profile conferences to share the impact.

Jenni Moore - Director

Jenni Moore is a qualified Secondary Science Teacher, who has worked in Norfolk for her entire teaching career, most recently as Deputy Director of Science specialising in behaviour management. Trained in Nurture Principles and STEAM teaching Jenni has many years of experience of supporting pupils in finding their inspiration within subjects.Jenni also has a tandem career as a sports therapist and outdoors instructor having branched out to support pupils and staff in outdoor teaching and learning.This wealth of experience has been applied to a consultancy role with nurtureuk where her areas of specialism are wellbeing and curriculum.

Claire Hargrave - Director

Claire Hargrave is a qualified primary Teacher and mother of three, who has worked in London, Birmingham, Staffordshire and Suffolk, most recently as Head Teacher of two Early Years/KS1 Alternative Provisions. Trained in Nurture Principles and Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, Claire has many years of experience of supporting pupils and their adults in educational settings to identify unmet needs and find ways forward. Claire currently also offers associate consultant services to NurtureUK in the east of England.

Claire also has a tandem career in IT and website design, having written one of the very first school websites in the UK, and spoken at UK conferences about upcoming technologies and their benefits in supporting teaching and learning.

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