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  • 5th Oct 2022
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27.6.22 - focusing on working with support staff


Proposed outline - content can be determined by and with participants

1 Wednesday 5.10.22

Leading the high learning potential strategy

This network provides an opportunity to fast-track your development into the role of an excellent High Learning Potential (More Able) Lead. The first meeting provides an overview of all you need to know to make a great start, led by Joy who has long experience in the role. The network meetings will be a place to share ideas and successful strategies and to receive help with any aspects of the role that prove challenging. Later sessions can be adapted to suit any requests from participants. Do join this supportive, friendly group.

2 Tuesday 16.11.22

Inclusive identification

The first step in leading excellent provision for more able learners is accurate identification. A register which is diverse and inclusive will reflect the make-up of the school and ensure that every more able learner, whatever their circumstances and opportunities so far, is recognised so they can be challenged and supported to excel. This network meeting will take participants through the process of identification, creating a register which is informative and useful, as well as being a fair representation of the school’s intake.

3 Thursday 2.2.23

Promoting high challenge in the classroom

This network meeting will equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed for supporting teachers to embed high challenge into every lesson, day in and day out. It will provide practical ideas for increasing the challenge without the need for long planning times. The aim will be to provide the basis for workshops and/or teaching and learning briefings.

4 Monday 6.3.23

High learning potential and Ofsted expectations

This network meeting will be especially useful for anyone due an Ofsted visit yet valuable to everyone, enabling you to embed best practice so you are well-prepared long before ‘that call’. We will talk through the likely criteria Ofsted will use, their questions and what they will expect to be in place as well as ways to work out if the more able (or High Prior Attainers, to use the Ofsted term) is likely to be a focus for a deep dive. Fore warned...

5 Thursday 4.5.23

Partnerships with parents

We know that parents’ involvement in education has a big impact on a child’s achievement. This network meeting will consider how to foster positive, productive relationships with the parents of high potential learners. It will consider what is useful to find out from parents and what information to provide them with, both of which will save valuable teacher time in the long run.

6 Monday 20.6.23

Working effectively with TAs/LSAs

Additional adults in the classroom are a gift from heaven! However, their impact will only be significantly positive effect if their role is planned as an integral part of the lesson, and they receive the professional learning they need to carry out this role confidently. This workshop will explore how to make sure that all adults working with young people in the classroom understand the needs of learners with high potential so they are able to accelerate learning for this group.

About The Course

27.6.22 - focusing on working with support staff

About the Programme Leader

Joy was a teacher in Inner-London state comprehensive schools for over 40 years. She supported many schools, both nationally and internationally, in improving their provision for young people with high potential (the more able). Joy has published a number of articles and blogs on innovative practice to support high potential learners. She is now a trustee of the charity, Potential Plus UK, working with schools, young people and their families to promote academic achievement and well-being.

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