Calculation With Liz Gibbs

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Target audience:

  • Maths subject leaders

  • Phase leaders

  • Class teachers

  • NQTs

  • Teaching assistants

Course objectives:

  • To develop subject knowledge

  • To make mathematics accessible through a range of models and images

  • Explore a range of strategies in all four operations

  • To examine common errors and misconceptions
About The Course

During the course you will explore the mathematical vocabulary, including the correct terminology for all four operations. There will be an emphasis on the models of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, these will be explained and demonstrated by using key resources such as, beadstrings, two colour counters, Numicon, base ten and place value counters. You will also be asked to consider the advantages of some resources over others and how to introduce decimals using proportional and non-proportional resources to Years 4, 5 and 6. Post attendance, delegates will be sent a folder of key documents and a copy of the presentation as a pdf file.

About the Programme Leader

Liz Gibbs Author, independent national & international mathematics adviser/trainer Website:

Twitter @Liz__Gibbs

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