Creating Positive Relationships With Parents/carers for Those New to Teaching (for NQT/RQTs)

  • 19th Oct 2021
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  • Leadership, Teaching & Learning, Community
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When parents and schools work in partnership , the outcomes for children improve and everyones life becomes so much easier.

Intended audience: NQTs, ECTs & those new to teaching

Intended outcomes:

  • colleagues are more confident in their interactions with parents/carers

  • colleagues are more knowledgeable about the importance of and methods behind, successfully working with parents
About The Course

3 x 1 hour sessions are designed specifically for those new to teaching but will also prove valuable to anyone still in the early stages of their teaching career who wishes to further develop their relationship with parents/carers. We shall cover:

  • The importance of engaging parents with school and their children’s learning
  • Understanding why some parents find it harder to engage with the school and how to overcome the challenges
  • Getting the relationship ‘ right ‘ from the beginning
  • Dealing with ‘difficult ‘ parents
  • Engaging all parents in understanding how, at home, to support their children’s learning
  • Helping parents understand and support their child’s progress
  • Running successful parental consultations
What Teachers Say

Thank you . Was great to identify different ways of interacting and communicating with parents. Great to share ideas with other nqts.

Gave me lots to think about, especially as regards different family situations.

The content was clear and informative. Really useful ideas on how to communicate with parents and break down barriers.

Colleagues from March 2021

About the Programme Leader

Throughout her career as a teacher, senior leader and senior adviser for a local authority, Julie’s work has focused on inspiring , enabling and empowering all parents and schools to work in partnership in order to ensure best outcomes for each child, not only in terms of their academic achievement but also their emotional health and well-being.

She currently provides consultancy , advice and training to schools across the U.K. on how to do this, drawing on a wealth of experience and research in the field of stakeholder engagement and parental support for learning.

Cafés for All®, A2E2 e highly successful whole school approach to parental engagement and support for learning, is now used in 600+ UK schools

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