Online: Curriculum Leadership Training with Colin Tapscott: Vision and clarity

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Curriculum Leadership Training

Teachers can often feel thrown into leading a curriculum area. But what if teachers could be trained in 4 online sessions on how to lead well and lead for impact?

During this time of social distancing, Everyday Leader delivers its impactful curriculum leadership training through Zoom training.

Everyday Leader believes that when leaders understand the principles that sit beneath vision, monitoring, problem solving, planning and change, they lead it with more impact. This training helps curriculum leaders understand their role and clarify their principles for the curriculum. We consider the requirements of Ofsted, but most importantly it is about empowering leaders to make the right decisions for children in your school.

Four sessions, £30 per person per session or book on all four for £100 per person.

About The Course

Session 1 – Vision & Clarity – 1 ½ - 2 hours

To provide the best curriculum experience for children, you need to know your current position and where you want to take it.

• Creating the vision – Getting clear on the ‘Why’ or purpose of the subject

• Clear role - Get clear on the Ofsted expectations for leadership and curriculum

• Current position – How to make monitoring manageable using ‘skate flow, dig’

About the Programme Leader

From humble beginnings as the son of a farmhand, Colin Tapscott has developed a reputation for outstanding leadership over the past 30 years. A regular speaker at conferences, Colin delivered a seminal TEDx talk titled ‘Grandad’s toolbox – a tool for every generation’. He has led organisations in both the education and charity sectors and has experienced the day to day challenges of leading in high pressure, fast moving environments.

Colin prides himself on a no-nonsense, practical, jargon-free approach to leadership training, with content designed to inspire, develop and equip everyday leaders.

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