ONLINE: Setting Up and Running Effective Group Work in Schools

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Group work enables opportunities to learn from the diverse skills and knowledge of the differing members of the group. In addition, effective group work encourages group workcommunication and co-operation, thus providing a successful environment for learning and growth. Group work meets the human need to belong and be in relationship with others. Facilitating effective groups is highly rewarding to both the members of the group and to the group leaders/facilitators. However, group work can also present with a number of challenges. This course will enable you to enhance your knowledge of group work and further develop your skills in group work facilitation. This course will provide you with opportunities to develop your skills and confidence in facilitating effective groups.

About The Course

Benefits this course will offer:

  • We will take you beyond theory by offering a host of practical strategies and methods to enable you to enhance your skills in facilitating effective groups with children, young people and families.

  • You will leave with an understanding of the group work processes that underpin the strategies and methods that you will be equipped to use in group settings.

  • Why we may choose group work as an intervention.

  • Information about how to set up and run small groups.

  • An understanding of which programmes may be appropriate for students

  • Opportunities to explore the purpose of games & playful activities in group work.

  • Different assessment tools to aid student selection.

  • Develop your insight into the barriers to group work and the strategies to overcoming these barriers.

  • You will further develop your confidence in managing group participants.
About the Programme Leader

Jogo Behaviour Support is your 'one-stop shop' as our multi-disciplinary team can offer a range of services to meet multiple needs.

Jogo Behaviour Support's strengths lie in both the expert knowledge and experience of our team, and also the content of the support and training we provide. All of our team have spent their careers supporting and succeeding with children, young people and families that are experiencing issues around social, emotional, mental health and behaviour.

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