Online: From the Stone Age to 1066 Boosting Subject Knowledge at KS2

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Online course: you will be sent the video link once you have secured your place via the booking button below.

Whether you are a history subject lead or an NQT teaching KS2 for the first time, do you have the deep subject knowledge required by the new OFSTED framework? Are you looking for guidance on shaping and sequencing content into coherent medium-term plans?

These content based workshops will deepen your knowledge of British history study units at KS2 and help you construct rigorous medium-term plans based on accessible enquiry questions linked to key National Curriculum concepts

About The Course

£40 per person per session or attend all 4 sessions for £130

Workshop One - 10th November 2020

From Flint to Iron; how did Britain change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

Hear the fascinating story of how Britain emerged from the Ice Ages to witness the migration of early humans as Stone Age nomads, eventually settling as farmers during the Bronze and Iron Ages. See how the amazing sites of Stonehenge, Skara Brae and Iron Age hill forts show direct evidence of how people lived and died, leading up to the Roman conquest of Celtic Britain.

Workshop Two - 23rd November 2020

From Celts to Romans; What have the Romans ever done for us?

Hear how Rome grew from a minor hill-top settlement in Central Italy, defeating its rival Carthage to become a mighty empire straddling Europe, Africa and Asia. Build on prior learning about the Ancient Greeks to understand how the Roman Empire was governed. Understand why it conquered and how it changed Celtic Britain for good, despite the dramatic rising of Queen Boudicca. Appreciate how much modern Britain (and western culture) owes to our Roman inheritance.

Workshop Three - 7th December 2020

From Romans to Saxons and Scots; What have the Anglo-Saxons ever done for us?

Hear how the Anglo-Saxons gradually conquered England and understand the controversial debates around whether the native Celts were driven out or just taken over by the invaders. Review the rich and wonderful evidence of Anglo-Saxon culture revealed in the stunning treasures of the Sutton Hoo ship burial and the Staffordshire Hoard. Hear how Christianity transformed the pagan Saxons, spreading south through Scottish migration from Ireland and by St Augustine`s famous mission to Kent, leading to a sophisticated culture on the eve of the Viking raids.

Workshop Four - 18th January 2021

From Lindisfarne to 1066; What is the legacy of the Vikings?

Were the Vikings raiders, traders, conquerors or settlers? Find out in this fascinating look at the impact of the Vikings. Discover how they affected not just Anglo-Saxon England but also Western Europe, the North Atlantic (where they settled in Iceland and Greenland , even reaching North America) and also Russia and the Middle East, where they became mercenary body guards to East Roman Emperors. Weigh up how much we can trust the surviving written evidence about the Vikings from Christian monks and chroniclers.

About the Programme Leader

The training will be led by Andrew Wrenn, a knowledgeable history specialist and an honorary fellow of the Historical Association. He is an experienced teacher, trainer and writer, former LA adviser and co-author of the HA`s report on Teaching Emotive and Controversial History 3-19. Andrew recently led highly evaluated training on the impact of the new OFSTED framework on Primary History .

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