Introduction to Outdoor Learning

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A day course aimed at teachers and education professionals who would like to take their lessons out of the classroom but are unsure where to begin. This course is delivered by Anna Thompson, Education Manager for Nene Park Trust with over 19 years experience of outdoor learning. During the course participants will develop a “tool box” of outdoor learning activities and gain the skills and confidence they need to begin to take the curriculum out of the classroom and make use of any outdoor space available to deliver inspiring learning experiences.

Session 1 - Planning outdoor learning A session looking at how to go about planning an outdoor learning experience. Participants will consider how to identify opportunities for outdoor learning and how outdoor learning can help to meet the requirements of different areas of the curriculum. We will also discuss selecting an appropriate location for outdoor learning and carrying out risk assessments.

Session 2 - Outdoor learning activities We will look at a selection of outdoor learning activities e.g. scavenger hunts, natural art, den building and discuss how these can be adapted to link to different topics and for different abilities.

Session 3 - Nature studies A session focussing on activities intended to meet the requirements of the “Understanding the world” learning and development area which relate to wildlife and nature. We will look at examples of simple resources and equipment which could be used to find and identify plants and animals

Session 4 - Making effective use of resources and equipment Participants will have an opportunity to bring along any resources or equipment which they might have in their settings and be unsure how to use. As a group we will discuss ideas for using the resources. We will also look at a variety of other resources and equipment which can be used during outdoor learning and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. Participants will then work in small groups to use what they have learned during the day to plan an outdoor learning activity which they could take back and deliver in their setting.

About The Course

By the end of the day participants will:

  • Gain confidence in planning opportunities for outdoor learning.

  • Be able to carry out a risk assessment for outdoor learning.

  • Gain experience in carrying out a variety of outdoor learning activities and adapting them to different topics.

  • Gain confidence in developing and using a variety of resources to deliver nature studies.

  • Become familiar with a range of equipment which can be used in outdoor learning.
About the Programme Leader

Anna Thompson, Education Manager for Nene Park Trust with over 19 years experience of outdoor learning

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