A Wellbeing Toolkit: ‘From Striving to Thriving’

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Do you ever feel the tension of wanting to give of your best to your pupils/colleagues – and find little left in your tank for themselves, family and friends?

Do you find yourself with to-do lists that simply expand, day in, day out?

And when we spend so much time focusing on pupils’ self-esteem, how about supporting your own sense of worth?

Rather than using specific stress management activities (as useful as they can be), this course helps us to look at the psychology of stress – and then practical ways to minimise it occurring, and address it when it does arise.

About The Course

Participants will have:

  • Developed their understanding as to how they respond to stress. This will include looking at the idea of driver behaviours – including the drives to ‘Please Others’ and to ‘Be Perfect’.

  • A range of practical strategies to reduce stress and improve wellbeing, including tools for direct use in the classroom.

  • Looked at an alternative to the ‘to do’ list by exploring the difference between ‘time management’ and ‘attention management’.

  • Practised basic mindfulness and have an understanding of the key principles underpinning it.

  • A greater appreciation of the strengths they bring to their daily work and have celebrated these in a meaningful way
What Teachers Say

The support we received allowed staff at all levels to unpick the barriers to successful behaviour for learning and develop effective tailored strategies for our setting.” Mark Anderson, head teacher, Huntingtower Primary School

“Steve’s support has provided us with a model and language to make sense of the emotional dimensions of behaviour management.” deputy head teacher – name withheld

“The HMI said that the school had been ‘transformed’ since the previous visit. I have no doubt that Steve’s work and support were a huge factor in achieving this transformation. His way of working with colleagues is subtle and takes people from where they currently are as a starting point. He forms excellent relationships with staff, and students enjoy working with him. He connects things together – whether this is people with people or people with ideas. He is very modest and enjoys seeing people succeed.” Chris Mallaband, principal of Langdon School, London

About the Programme Leader

Steve Russell has nearly 25 years of experience, ranging from classroom teaching through to behaviour support and leading a team of school improvement consultants. More recently, he has expanded beyond schools to include other organisations, as well as coaching individuals.

Whether working with youngsters, school staff, leaders, teams or providing one-to-one coaching, his aim is always the same – to empower them to effect changes that will increase their effectiveness and promote their well-being.

Steve is also increasingly being approached by other organisations to who are keen to draw upon his experience and way of working. These include: Kate Cairns Associates, specialising in attachment difficulties OnLine Training – as their tutor for the ‘Understanding and Responding to Behaviour’ module Integrity Coaching – providing support and coaching to leaders and leadership teams Peterborough Learning Partnership – course tutor

Steve’s experience and way of working also sees him engaged on an associate basis for several organisations including: the National Education Union, as part of their tutor team, Integrity Coaching, providing support and coaching to leaders and leadership teams, KCA, providing training and consultancy related to supporting vulnerable youngsters, ASEND and Avito, fulfilling interim-leadership assignments for schools and local authorities.

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