Leaders of Outstanding Teaching and Learning

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A professional development programme for appointed leaders of teaching and learning (Lead Learners) within primary schools

Leaders of Outstanding Teaching and Learning consists of 4 specifically designed modules, each focusing on developing and promoting different aspects of highly effective teaching and learning. The programme has been designed as a collaborative professional learning community (PLC) in which participants will develop a greater understanding of how to offer effective CPD, within their own school, on outstanding teaching and learning. Each module will focus on increasing the understanding and awareness of how to offer deeper professional learning experiences that have a significant impact on classroom practice. The modules are designed to engage all participants in rigorous professional learning and individuals can expect to be stretched and challenged by the materials and professional dialogue.

Each module will include a range of high-quality, relevant and current materials that will be available for use by all delegates when leading professional learning and development within their own school

This professional learning menu will include:

  • 4 Face-to-Face facilitated learning sessions
  • Professional 1-to-1 coaching and Peer-to-Peer coaching
  • Action Learning Sets and Joint Practice Development
  • Structured reflection systems and ongoing online reflection blogs
  • School-based leadership inquiry tasks
  • Online professional learning communities

27.2.2020 - Outstanding T&L Day 1

7.5.2020 - Outstanding T&L Day 2

10.6.2020 - Outstanding T&L Day 3

7.7.2020 - Outstanding T&L Day 4

About The Course

Consistency, high expectations and high standards are not an ideal but rather a necessity and the drive to achieve these three components should be led by highly skilled, knowledgeable and confident in-school facilitators. This programme has been specifically designed to support leaders of teaching and learning in how they plan and offer rigorous professional learning and development to all staff. The programme will support participants in developing their understanding of effective teaching and learning and will seek to increase an individual’s confidence in leading highly effective and rigorous professional learning experiences, within an authentic learning organisation. The programme focuses on exploring how ‘lead learners’ can offer high impact CPD within a culture of reflective practice, ensuring every adult reaches their potential. Leaders of Outstanding Teaching and Learning is an inquiry-based professional learning programme that will support individuals in developing a deeper understanding around a number of key issues, including:

  • The differences between Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Continual Professional Learning (CPL)
  • Essential ingredients for high-impact professional learning and development
  • Key Principles for outstanding teaching and learning
  • How ‘lead learners’ build capacity within every member of staff, ensuring pupils receive excellence in learning
  • Consider the role of the lead learners in improving teaching and learning throughout a school
  • Inquire into what really has an effect on raising standards in every classroom
  • Effect size of classroom interventions on pupil learning

By the end of each module, participants will have knowledge, resources and ideas to lead a series of professional learning sessions within their own school

This programme has been designed around four key professional learning modules and four key learning questions:

27th February 2020: Module One - Clarity precedes competence Key learning question - What are the main influences on highly effective teaching and learning? Module one focuses on four key influences of outstanding teaching and will begin to delve into professional attitudes and behaviours needed to move from good to great. How do staff meetings and other professional development processes develop the essential professional characteristics to achieve success in every classroom?

7th May 2020: Module two - Understanding greater depth learning Key learning question - How do teachers and teaching assistants plan and deliver deeper learning experiences for every pupil? Module two focuses on creating a greater appreciation of the differences between shallow and deep learning. Every pupil, in every class, should be experiencing both shallow and deep learning, but how they happen is so different and it is essential that all staff understand these differences. From the outset, staff must be fully aware of their intended outcomes and plan accordingly.

10th Juen 2020: Module Three - Getting the basics right Key learning question - How do leaders of T and L ensure there are high expectations and a high degree of consistency in every classroom? Module three focuses on a range of basic pedagogical principles for high quality teaching and learning and how leaders of T and L can ensure these are being embedded in every class. Participants will explore how they can support all staff in improving the quality of classroom interaction and other key principles

7th July 2020: Module Four - The Confident Learner Key learning question - In which ways can all staff support each pupil in becoming a confident learner? Module four focuses on the role of metacognition and the development of every pupil as an ‘assessment-ready’ learner. Recent research has identified metacognition as having a significant ‘effect-size’ of pupil outcomes. Participants will consider the role of metacognition across their school and how every pupil can become more confident in self and peer-to-peer assessment (By the end of each module, participants will have knowledge, resources and ideas to lead a series of professional learning sessions within their own school)

About the Programme Leader

Leadership of outstanding teaching and learning will be facilitated by Andy Hind, Senior Consultant with Enhancing Learning Ltd. Andy has over 30 years of educational experience, including Headship, OFSTED, National College Consultant and is currently supporting over 500 educational organisations both in the UK and abroad.

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