The Effective NQT - An international professional development programme for NQTs and RQTs

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This professional development programme seeks to explore how a professional, within any classroom setting, can offer the most effective learning experience for every young learner. This programme will explore effective teaching, essential pedagogical approaches and what teachers and teaching assistants can do to offer deep learning across the curriculum. For any school to improve, there is a need for professional consistency throughout, together with shared expectations around highly effective professional practice. Teachers and teaching assistants should be looking to create an environment that is conducive to challenging, higher-order thinking and that supports high-engagement in all learning experiences.

A teacher’s effectiveness (and that of a teaching assistant) is a result of 4 key components - competent facilitators, a conducive learning environment, confident learners and a rigorous learning process. Highly effective teaching and learning is the product of significant degrees of professional analysis and reflection, it requires professionals to be innovative and to establish a set of professional beliefs that are supported by evidence.

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20 CPD credits

About The Course

The Effective NQT is a professional development programme, specifically designed for NQTs (and NQTs +1), and consists of three full-day modules. Each module focuses on discreet aspects of outstanding classroom practice, effective teaching and learning and necessary professional skills and behaviours. Supporting newly qualified teachers in developing effective classroom practice where the emphasis is on how individuals can offer outstanding learning experiences for every young learner. Each individual module seeks to explore a key dimension within teaching and learning and looks to develop delegates' classroom practice across all phases.

Set over 3 days, this programme covers the following:

18th October 2019: Module 1 (Conference timings - 9.00 to 3.30)

Key learning theme – Me, Myself and I - A journey towards Mastery

K.L.Q. – How does a newly qualified teacher develop the professional skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to be the very best?

Module One explores what an individual must do to become a truly effective teacher and a valuable member of any school team. The Module will consider issues around human capital, professional accountability and professional mindset and how the attitude of any professional is the biggest determining impact on that individual’s future success. An effective teacher never stops learning and approaches their role with an absolute desire to continually improve.

26th February 2020: Module 2 – (Conference timings - 9.00 to 3.30)

Key learning theme – Greater depth in every classroom

K.L.Q. – What are the essential ingredients for deeper learning, in any classroom, and how can an NQT plan for this within different curriculum areas?

Module Two explores the key differences between shallow and deep learning and how teachers can plan and offer greater depth learning experiences for all pupils. This Module will consider the key principles for deeper learning and will offer a range of tools and strategies for achieving greater depth in any classroom. An effective teacher is intentional in their intended outcomes and will plan accordingly. A shallow learning experience is never a ‘bad’ learning experience and every pupil must be offered shallow learning. However, they must also be offered deeper learning experiences but these do not happen in the same way.

5th May 2020: Module 3 - (Conference timings - 9.00 to 3.30)

Key learning theme – There is more learning in the question than the answer

K.L.Q. – How can teachers promote and develop effective classroom interaction and dialogue that will support the improvement in standards?

Module Three will consider the role of interaction and speaking and listening within effective learning experiences. This Module will explore essential features of highly effective interaction and will consider issues around professional questioning skills, levels of dialogue and how teachers and teaching assistants can use carefully planned interaction to effectively scaffold learning. Interaction is the basis for exceptional teaching and learning and any teacher should have the confidence and ability to be able to analyse their own interaction and make continual improvements.

About the Programme Leader

Andy Hind has over 30 years of experience, within education, including Headship, National College of Teaching and Leadership Consultancy and OFSTED. He is currently the Senior Consultant with Enhancing Learning Ltd and is supporting schools across the U.K., Europe and Asia with school improvement, leadership development ( Head Teachers, Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders), outstanding classroom practice, NQT professional development and Teaching Assistant development.

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