Assessment - Primary Art

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Assessment in art and design is a vital part of the creative process. Pupils should know how and why their work has been successful and what they need to do to improve.

This doesn’t have to be an onerous marking burden, rather it should be a regular classroom practice of reflection and confidence building.

About The Course

This session will show you how to make assessment a motivational tool for learning, even if you have little art experience yourself. It will cover progression and standardisation in art too, so that you can be confident that you are delivering an excellent art curriculum.

About the Programme Leader

Paul Carney is a nationally recognised art consultant having delivered specialist art INSET CPD in schools across the UK and for the UK’s leading training providers. He is a board member for the NSEAD and runs his highly successful art website; which provides high quality teaching resources and advice to teachers around the world.

He has twenty years teaching experience at Primary, Secondary and post-16 levels of education, is an Advanced Skills Teacher, ex-Subject Leader and was a member of the DfE Expert Advisory Group for Art and Design. In addition to this he was a member of the NSEAD Curriculum Writing Group that wrote the art curriculum competencies, more formally called the: 'Framework for Progression, Planning for Learning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting 2014'.

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