The Insightful Teaching Assistant

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Length of Programme - 3 virtual modules

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Non-member Schools: £100 per person per session**

Length of each module - 2 hours

The Insightful Teaching Assistant is a professional development programme, specifically designed for HLTAs, Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistants. The programme consists of 3 individual modules, with each module focusing on a discreet aspect of being an effective T.A. and their role in offering successful teaching and learning. The Insightful Teaching Assistant looks to develop teaching assistants in how they can support the planning and delivery of effective learning experiences in every classroom. Each individual module seeks to explore a key dimension within teaching and learning and looks to develop delegates' classroom practice across all phases.

The Insightful Teaching Assistant seeks to deepen delegates understanding around the principles of effective learning whilst offering a range of practical ideas and strategies for use in any classroom. Throughout each module, delegates will be introduced to a range of learning tools and supported in considering how these might be developed within their own professional practice.

*** We actively encourage all schools to include, amongst their participants, a member of the SLT

Cohort A

4th Oct

15th Nov

12th Dec

Cohort B

17th Jan 2023

14th Feb

21st March

About The Course

Module themes and key questions The Insightful Teaching Assistant has been developed around 3learning modules and 3 key learning questions:

Module 1 Key learning theme – Being an effective professional

□ K.L.Q. – How can teaching assistants continue to develop professional awareness and professional responsibility?

This first module begins to consider a framework of essential competencies needed to develop as a highly-effective teaching assistant. The session will support each individual in increasing their own professional awareness and professional responsibility. High professional capacity, for any teaching assistant, involves a complex combination of professional knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes and this session will focus on a core set that leads to professional mastery.

Module 2 Key learning theme – Understanding Scaffolding

□ K.L.Q. – Which approaches to teaching and learning cater for all styles of learner?

Module Two seeks to consider how teaching assistants can support the planning of learning experiences that cater for the differences in how individuals learn and ensure they are achieving an appropriate balance of support. The session considers five levels of a scaffolding model and the techniques needed to support any pupil at any level. It is essential that a teaching assistant is consciously aware of their approaches and ensure they meet every child where they are.

Module 3 Key learning theme – The confident learner

□ K.L.Q. – In which ways can teaching assistants develop effective strategies for developing metacognition and learning behaviours in every pupil?

Module Three considers the critical aspects of metacognition and essential learning behaviours and how these can be developed with every young learner. Included within this session will be the role of effective and continual feedback, AFL and evaluation of learning and how a teaching assistant can ensure they build, in every child, the characteristics of a competent and confident learner.

Cohort A

4th Oct 2023

15th Nov 2023

12th Dec 2023

Cohort B

17th Jan 2024

22nd Feb 2024

21st March 2024

About the Programme Leader

Andy Hind

A former Head Teacher, with over 30 years of leadership experience, Andy is now a senior consultant with Enhancing Learning Ltd, an independent consultancy company, as well as a qualified facilitator for all national educational leadership programmes.

Andy is driven by a passion for improving the quality of professional development for all participants and currently supports over 600 organisations, worldwide, with their journey to improve leadership and management. His role is in supporting and advising Head Teachers, Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders in their efforts to improve the quality of education provided to every young learner.

Through a range of inspirational, thought-provoking and challenging approaches, Andy looks to assist organisations in looking inwards, reflecting on their current status, identifying an appropriate and strategic vision and growing towards being genuinely effective learning organisations.

Andy is also an accredited i-act trainer and is able to offer the i-act accredited Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme for Leaders and Mental Health Leads, in both face-to-face format and virtual classrooms.

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