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How do you help a pupil who communicates easily but struggles with classroom and text book language?

This course looks at how to support pupils English as additional language to make sense of complex texts and to produce extended writing that is characterised by the use of more abstract language.

In addition, it clarifies what kind of progress we should expect as pupils grapple with intricacies of academic language.

About The Course

This course explores a range of strategies to improve literacy across the curriculum and formal talk for more advanced EAL learners.

What Teachers Say

"The training delivered by Catherine was excellent. The style of delivery allowing participants to interact and contribute and the sharing of ideas and resources to for further support in school were extremely well received." Fay Jackson, Haringey Education Partnership.

About the Programme Leader

The EAL Academy - school improvement specialists and leaders in the fields of academic literacy, ethnic minority achievement and English as an additional language

Catherine Brennan has worked as an Ethnic Minority Achievement advisor and EAL trainer in London, Bristol and surrounding areas for over 20 years, right across the age range from the EYFS to Key Stage 4. More recently, she has facilitated training and provided consultancy across England, with online teaching expertise developed since 2018.

Through partnership work with school leaders, teaching practitioners, BAME pupils and their families, she has successfully developed inclusive practice to enhance outcomes in terms of pupil wellbeing, progress and attainment.

Catherine is experienced in supporting access to the curriculum for EAL pupils who are new to English as well as Advanced Bilingual Learners; she also has a specific interest in the induction and education of asylum seeking and refugee pupils.

Catherine is based in Bristol and is also the founder of Better Bilingual CIC.Brennan

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