Teaching Past and Present at EYFS as a Preparation for KS1 History

  • 16th Nov 2021
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Teaching “past and present” rigorously at EYFS lays excellent foundations for Primary History.

Intended audience: EYFS teachers, KS1 and 2 teachers, Primary History subject leaders.

Intended outcomes;

Colleagues are knowledgeable about the requirements of teaching “Past and Present” at EYFS

Colleagues understand how effective teaching of past and present at the EYFS prepare pupils more effectively for Primary History

About The Course

About this course

This one and a half hour webinar will cover;

How the expectations of the” knowledge and understanding of the world” component of the revised EYFS framework have been made more demanding with additional wording on teaching “Past and Present”.

How EYFS pupils might be practically taught “Past and Present” by learning about the passage of time through sequencing and evidence handling

How teaching about past and present in EYFS prepares pupils for being taught about chronology, a sense of period and the duration of periods at KS1 and 2

How different story texts that can be used in EYFS can also teach pupils to spot similarities and differences between a past setting and the present as well about the passage of time.

About the Programme Leader

Andrew Wrenn is a freelance consultant and writer in history education and a former Humanities Advisor for an English local authority. ... He has also written for the Historical Association, the BBC and the Times Educational Supplement

As a former Cambridgeshire LA Humanities Advisor he also contributed to NQT and G and T training. He is now a freelance educational consultant , a Trustee and Fellow of the Historical Association as well as an assessor of the HA Quality Mark for Schools History. Andrew leads training at national and international level and has published for Harper-Collins, the BBC, Cambridge University Press and Pearson. He also steered a government funded project on transition in History between KS2 and KS3 and co-authored a government sponsored report on Teaching Emotive and Controversial History 3-19.

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16th Nov 2021
04:00pm - 05:30pm