Problem solving With Liz Gibbs

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Target audience:

  • Maths subject leaders

  • Phase leaders

  • Class teachers

  • NQTs

  • Teaching assistants

Course objectives:

  • To develop subject knowledge

  • To ensure all children are problem solvers.

  • To consider the importance and development of a problem solving tool kit

  • To demonstrate how you can make every lesson a problem solving lesson

  • To show the importance of giving a range of problem solving experiences
About The Course

During this course, you will have the opportunity to solve some short mathematical problems and consider all the skills and strategies needed to solve them. Young children need access to a range of problems including problems using everyday contexts and/or resources, e.g. money related word problems and problems where pencils or balloons sold in packs. Every lesson should be a problem solving lesson from quick questions posed at the beginning or end of a lesson, to more lengthy investigative work lasting the whole lesson or even longer. Solving problems, not only addresses multiple learning objectives, it also helps children to develop a personal problem solving tool kit. Post attendance, delegates will be sent a folder of key documents and a copy of the presentation as a pdf file.

About the Programme Leader

Liz Gibbs Author, independent national & international mathematics adviser/trainer Website:

Twitter @Liz__Gibbs

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