Focusing on Well-Being: Putting the Child at the Centre With Early Excellence

  • 19th Apr 2021
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Join us for an insightful and reflective three-part webinar package designed for EYFS leaders and practitioners focusing on well-being and involvement.

Part 1: The signs, signals and levels of wellbeing and involvement

An overview of the work carried out at the Centre for Experiential Education at Leuven University, Belgium the Process Oriented Monitoring System (POMS), and descriptions of the signs, signals and levels of wellbeing and involvement.

Part 2: Moderation of levels of involvement

Moderation of levels of involvement and introduction to the screening process by studying film clips to ensure a shared understanding

Part 3: 10 Action Points: An audit tool

An introduction to the 10 Action Points, an audit tool developed by the Leuven team, to support and guide adjustments to practice and provision, in order to raise levels of well-being and involvement.

£125 per person for the full 3 webinar programme.

About The Course


  • Explore the critical roles well-being and involvement play in high quality learning

  • Consider how to maximise the potential of your learning environment and interactions to support this.

  • Gain an overview of the Leuven Scales of Well-being and Involvement
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