Free: Online: The Recovery Curriculum With Andy Hind

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At a time when every school is thinking carefully about how best to re-engage pupils into school life and learning, The Recovery Curriculum becomes a key consideration for all staff, especially how to facilitate appropriate dialogue around recent events..

As children begin returning to school, all staff should be aware of a consistent approach to how they will create a safe space to share thoughts and stories, to re-connect with their peers and staff and to re-engage in meaningful learning .

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This virtual workshop will be facilitated by Andy Hind. A former primary Head Teacher, with over 30 years of educational experience, Andy is now a senior consultant with Enhancing Learning Ltd, supporting over 1000 schools, MATs and Learning Alliances around improvement in leadership and pedagogical excellence.

Through a range of inspirational, thought-provoking and challenging approaches, Andy looks to assist schools and individuals in looking inwards, reflecting on their current practice, identifying appropriate areas for improvement and supporting them in growing towards being the very best.

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