Online: Creating Communities of Readers With Julie Westrop

  • 18th Jun 2021
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  • Literacy
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  • Primary
  • Leadership, Curriculum, Community
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‘A fifth of parents with primary school-aged children do not spend any time reading with them, new research has found….It also found that 57 per cent of parents use a tablet, mobile, TV or a film to distract their child, compared with only one in 10 of parents who give their child a book to read’ YouGov Poll 2017

Sound familiar ? So what next ?

Known for our Cafes for All® whole school approach, at Aspiring to Excellence Together, A2E2 Education Ltd, we are delighted to offer something different - a half day training course which we know will inspire and enable you to further develop a community of readers in your school by engaging family members, staff, children and passionate reading advocates from the wider community.

TARGET AUDIENCE : English leads/class teachers

About The Course

This 1.5 hour training enables delegates to:

  • Understand how to work collaboratively with parents and families in order to inspire, engage and enable them to read for pleasure with their child

  • Develop children as reading ambassadors

  • Gain practical ideas on how to engage all staff ( teaching / non-teaching) and external community members to develop children’s love of reading

  • will inspire and enable delegates to further develop a community of readers in their primary school through engaging family members, staff, children and passionate reading advocates from the wider community.

During the session the host will share their screen, video and audio. Attendees are view only participants. They can interact with the host through chat. The host reserves the right to hold the recording and audio footage. Additional materials shared with delegates post session .

What Teachers Say

‘Thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you for such an uplifting morning ‘ ‘Such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable course leader’ SM 31.1.20

‘Lovely to come to a training session which is so full of practical and realistic ways to promote reading ‘ E.A

‘Incredibly informative ‘, ‘Empowering ideas’ LW 31.1.20

About the Programme Leader

Julie’s 22 year very successful teaching and senior leadership career, saw her working in both primary and secondary schools in West Africa, London and East Anglia. She always preferred to work in schools serving communities with more disadvantage than most, welcoming the opportunities to work with families and the wider community in enhancing educational experiences, raising both aspirations and achievement and creating strong communities of learners.

Moving into Local Authority work in 1998, Julie worked as a National Literacy adviser for 3 years with her teaching being used in NLS training videos. She was seconded as Assistant Director to Thetford Education Action Zone where she led on the development of English and Family/ Community Engagement. This was followed by over 10 years working as a Senior School Adviser and School Improvement Partner. Julie has also worked as an Ofsted inspector for over 3 years.

Julie’s most recent LA post has been as Norfolk LA’s Senior Adviser with responsibility for Parents and Extended services. For this she led on the development of the Parent Support Adviser programme and provided training for early years and school staff, leadership teams and governors on developing effective partnership with families and the community, raising aspirations and the highly successful Reading Café programme over which so much has been written.

Julie is a highly accomplished, engaging and inspiring trainer who has facilitated many hundreds of training sessions and been a regular speaker at numerous national events.

Julie established Aspiring to Excellence Together- A2E2 Education Ltd in November 2014, having already launched Cafés for All – Sharing Learning.

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18th Jun 2021
10:00am - 11:30am