Online: Developing number sense in the Early Years Foundation Stage (for EYFS practitioners)

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Audience for this course:

  • EYFS teachers
  • Maths subject leaders
  • KS1 teachers
  • SEND specialists
  • NQTs
  • Teaching assistants


  • To experience a variety of themes and approaches to teaching number in the EYFS
  • To explore the importance of pattern, using Hungarian number blocks, ten frames and Numicon
  • To consider a mastery approach to teaching and learning in mathematics.
  • To think about using story books as a teaching and learning resource
About The Course

“Spotting underlying patterns is important for identifying many different kinds of mathematical relationships. It underpins memorization of the counting sequence and understanding number operations, for instance recognizing that if you add numbers in a different order their total stays the same. Pattern awareness has been described as early algebraic thinking, which involves:

  • noticing mathematical features
  • identifying the relationship between elements
  • observing regularities”

(Blanton et al. cited by Kieran, Pang, Schifter & Ng, 2016).

During the session, delegates will consider the importance of pattern and how it can be encouraged in the Early Years and developed further in KS 1 using a variety of resources.

Delegates will look at the acquisition and progression in teaching early number from conservation of number, counting and subitizing.

At the end of the course, a pack of resources, including a pdf copy of the PowerPoint mini slides handout will be available via a Drop box download.

About the Programme Leader

Liz Gibbs:

Liz Gibbs Author, independent national & international mathematics adviser/trainer and supporting member of COBIS Website:

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