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The Cafes for All® whole school approach, now used in over 500 primary schools, is a proven, cost effective way for schools to engage all parents in supporting learning and thereby help improve outcomes for children.

What is Cafés for All®?

Cafes for All® is a simple, low cost and sustainable whole school approach, enabling teaching staff to harness the power of parents to support children’s learning

Cafes for All® is flexible, focusing initially on reading for pleasure, followed by other aspects of a broad and rich curriculum

Cafés for All® is for all year groups in primary schools, year 7 in secondary schools and early years’ settings

Cafés for All® aims to improve outcomes for children, enrich learning for all and develop an inclusive, supportive, learning-focused home/school partnership

About The Course

Leading Cafés for All ®

One day training at central local training venue for member of staff leading on Cafés for All® approach £175 pp.

As part of the launch of the exciting Cafes for All whole school approach in Peterborough and surroundings area, for this round of training ONLY, A2E2 Edu Ltd are able to offer a special second delegate (from the same school ) rate of £80. This would ideally be a member of staff concerned with pastoral and/or family support who would accompany the member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Leading Cafés for All® training is extensive and detailed. It covers:

  • the practicalities of enabling all staff to plan and run Cafés for All® sessions through using the well-crafted café format,

  • how to complement and build on a school’s existing effective practice in working with families,

  • how to engage ALL parents and

  • how to evaluate the impact of the Cafés for All® approach.
What Teachers Say

Headteacher Alma Primary School , Enfield

……We wanted to build on and develop the strong relationships we had with parents of younger children and maintain them throughout the school.

We found that whilst parents attended meetings or workshops, their capacity to support their children at home was often compromised by their own educational experiences, language or confidence.

……Attendance for our cafés has been extremely high, even into Year 6. It has given teachers a real insight into the barriers to learning outside school that exist for a number of our children and how they can help improve outcomes for them.

Our KS2 outcomes were very good for progress and our attainment in Maths was particularly strong. I am convinced that putting in place Cafés for All has played a significant role in our success as the engagement of KS2 parents has improved year on year’.

Clarkson Infants School

I came to your training back in October and we have held two cafes so far with the third dated for late June. Just wanted to let you know that attendance at out cafes has been fantastic compared to our usual numbers for workshops and meetings. The feedback from parents has also been very positive and we have even seen a change in the feedback from session 1 to session 2, with parents referring more to the learning.

‘I just wanted to let you know we had our first learning café this week.. with a focus on letting the children take the lead and encouraging the 'process' not the product…We had over 60 parents/carers/grandparents attend. Everyone loved it and the parents learnt so much. Very worthwhile doing!! We are just planning our next one..... Thank you for your inspiration’

Head of School, Stilton C of E Primary Academy December 2018

The Beeches Primary School

The Curiosity Cafes have not only created more meaningful relationships between home and school, but we have also noted an impact on parental attendance at other school events. We have received positive feedback from the parents who, in particular, enjoy the non-threatening atmosphere of the sessions.

Professor Mick Waters

I have seen cafés in action - a simple idea which has a wonderful effect. The relaxed and informal atmosphere gives parents and carers the chance to be with their children as they learn and to join in as they feel able without pressure to do anything in particular. Because the pressure to get it right is removed, they typically get a lot right in supporting their children's learning...and the children love it. The informality helps teachers and others get to know parents and parents to get to enjoy their children enjoying learning. Everyone wins!

About the Programme Leader

Julie Westrop

Working for many years in schools serving economically and socially disadvantaged communities, Julie researched and created innovative practice in engaging parents to support their children’s learning and development. As a Local Authority school improvement adviser, she used this experience to enable other schools to develop their partnership work with parents and the community.

Now, as Aspiring to Excellence Together Education Ltd, Julie and her colleagues offer training to early years’ settings and schools on how to work with parents and the community in order to enhance educational experiences, develop positive attitudes to learning and widen aspirations for both children and their families. Cafés for All®, A2E2’s inspirational flagship intervention, used by over 500 U.K primary schools, ensures that all parents are inspired, engaged and empowered to support, at home, their child’s learning across the curriculum.

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